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  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    Everything that you have written regarding the future success of Boardwalk Empire is hypocritical garbage. You obviously have some sort of an emotional connection (obsession) with James Darmody. He is one character in the story line, the show wasn’t created for that one character. Have you forgot about all of the other important roles? Not to mention a certain individual named Al Capone?!?! You say that you use Game Of Thrones as a new standard for television? Well Ned Stark was the main character in then entire first season of GOT and the show has been twice as successful without him. You are in no position to criticize a show that was created, directed and produced by people who have a much better knack for understanding the way a hit show should be ran than yourself. How about you go write up some reviews on Dora The Explorer and let the adults continue to discuss quality television.

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