The Dark Knight Rises
I brought you the low quality trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” a few days ago, but finally Warner Bros has released the HD version online. I seriously cannot wait to see this movie, and hopefully Christopher Nolan can bring the same level of quality as he did for “The Dark Knight”. The only issue I have with this movie so far is the title, I think they should have been able to come up with something better then “The Dark Knight Rises, maybe “The Dark Knight Returns” as a wink to all us nerds out there? Also, I was considering doing a shot by shot trailer breakdown for this, kind of like my “Game of Thrones” ones. With my ridiculous knowledge of Batman mythology, I should be able to bring a cool perspective to this. Let me know if that would be something you’d enjoy, either in the comments below, email or on my Facebook page.


Wrath of the Titans
The sequel to “Clash of the Titans”, and hopefully this one will be much better. It’s not that I didn’t like it’s predecessor, it’s just that I found it kind of boring. Don’t get me wrong, the action sequences were top notch, but the plot didn’t hold my interest for very long. As a fan of Greek mythology I thought they underused a lot of the cool creatures that filled “The Odyssey” and countless Greek tales. Judging from this trailer, however, they realized their mistake and made up for it big time. Also, from what I can see in the trailer, they made this movie a little darker and turned up the epic scale which is always good.


Jack the Giant Killer
I love when studios take classic children’s tales and turn them into action oriented movies. I love a new spin on an old story and from what it looks like, Hollywood is jumping on that bandwagon next year. First we had the amazingly impressive trailer for “Snow White and The Huntsman”, then the much less impressive trailer for “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts, and now we have “Jack the Giant Killer”. I have high hopes for this one with Bryan Singer at the helm, although he did seem to stumble with “Superman Returns” a few years back he seems to have found his footing again with “Valkyrie”. I’ll keep my eye on this one, but I think word of mouth will decide whether I’ll be there opening day of not.


Casa de mi Padre
Another Will Farrell being totally absurd vehicle, but hey, at least this one isn’t about a sport. I was getting sick of Will Farrell for a while there, it seemed he was the same cocky sports figure in every movie just like Seth Green is a pothead loser in every one of his flicks. Last years “The Other Guys”, a tragically under rated movie in my opinion, made Farrell an actor I could stand to watch again and hopefully, this will continue that trend.


Until to day I die I will never understand the logic of Universal Studios paying Hasbro close to $20 million to use the “Battleship” name. It’s not like this movie has anything to do with the actual board game besides the fact there are naval vessels involved. They might as well have called it “Ships Vs. Aliens” and saved all that money. This pretty much looks like “Transformers: Battle at Sea”….a CGI’d, explosion-filled, special effects eye porn for the summer months. This one is directed by Peter Berg, also known as the poor mans Michael Bay, and is the debut of Rihanna in her first acting role. I might go see this just for Rihanna getting out of the water wearing a bikini in slow motion shot. I haven’t seen the movie, but come on! I’ll bet you a million dollars a scene like that is somewhere in this.

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