The Things “The Walking Dead” TV Series Got Wrong: Andrea (Part 1)

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Entertainment, TV
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Around this time about two years ago, I was sitting on my couch watching on of my favorite shows on G4 called “Attack of the Show”. In case you don’t know, it’s almost like a news hour for nerds showcasing video games, gadgets, movies and comics.
One of their segments is called “Fresh Ink” and in this segment they talk about comic books that are currently making waves in the industry. The comic that was featured on that particular episode was “The Walking Dead”. Now, at this point I have never heard of this series but after hearing nothing but praises, and the fact that the first three issues were available for free on the Comixology app I decided to see what all the buzz was about. Six hours later, my credit card was almost maxed out and I was the proud owner of all 72 issues of “The Walking Dead”.
Now I know you might say to yourself: “Of course you spent all that money on a comic book. After all, you are a comic book nerd.” and you would be partially correct. I am a comic book nerd, but I did take a break for a while. You see, my love for comic books dried up a few years back, as a matter of fact I haven’t spent any money on a comic since September 2003 on the final issue of “Batman: Hush” so if me blowing almost $500.00 in a few hours isn’t a testament to the quality of the comics, I don’t know what is.

A Batman story with art by Jim Lee and a story by Jeph Loeb = Comic Book Nirvana

“The Walking Dead” brought me back to the years of my youth where I’d look forward to the next issue that’s coming out impatiently. Simply put, “The Walking Dead” renewed my interest in comics. The way the art, storyline, characters and dialogue came together was unlike anything I’ve seen in many years. I’ve bought many comics since that fatefully day two years ago, but “The Walking Dead” is still the only one I buy on a regular, monthly basis.

I could go on for hours about how great the comic is, but we’re here to talk about “The Walking Dead” TV series. I’m not going to go into detail about the production of the show and how I feel about the overall quality of it in this blog. I actually already covered that in another, as of yet unreleased, blog. What I would like to talk about is where I feel the series went wrong. I am a TV nerd as well, and I understand that whenever something is being adapted to TV from another media there will always be changes and things will be left out. There are details to consider, such as budgets and running times, that will impact the adaptation but I feel like there are certain parts of the comic that could have been included in the TV series, but for some reason, we’re not. So without further ado here is the first blog in the series: The Things “The Walking Dead” TV Series Got Wrong: Andrea.


20111122-143834.jpgDon’t let the shotgun and the belt of ammo fool you.

I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t hate TV Andrea right away. I really did think she did the comic Andrea justice for the first few episodes. Everything was fine and dandy until the episode where the camp gets attacked by geeks zombies (for the viewers out there, everything plays out exactly the same in the comic). In the comic book, that moment was a turning point for Andrea. Even before everybody in the group has a chance to collect themselves after the attack, Andrea puts a bullet in her sisters head. Amy doesn’t even get a chance to come back as a flesh-eating zombie before Andrea herself, without anyone’s input or advice, makes the call to shoot her. It was at that moment in the comics Andrea became the female version of Rick (we’ll come back to Rick in the next blog). She realized the world has changed and there are some things she has to do, no matter how difficult they are. She became tough, accepted the fact death is all around her and dealt with it which is one of the reasons she’s still around in the comics.


It’s because comic book Andrea is so awesome (see: Above) that I hate TV Andrea so much. What made her character stand out in the comic is totally gone in the TV series. TV Andrea is weak, and even though she was the one to kill Amy, it did not have the same impact on her character or her storyline as it did in the comics. When it came for TV Andrea to kill Amy, it was more of a “in the moment” decision then anything. Zombie Amy was attacking her, and TV Andrea pulled the trigger because of her “fight or flight” instinct rather then making a logical decision that it had to be done. After that, TV Andrea went into a deep depression, attempted suicide and shot a member of her survival group because he looked like a zombie without actually checking if he was, you know, a zombie. All while comic book Andrea became a total badass.

20111122-152635.jpgThat’s Andrea Swiss cheeseing a zombie.

Comic book Andrea became the best shot in the group, an amazing sniper and Rick’s female enforcer, ready to back him up at the drop of a dime with a gun that’s just itching to come out of the holster on her hip. Now think how awesome the TV Andrea would be if she was more like her comic book self.

  1. karlails says:

    Yeah, they’re fucking up her character more and more with each episode, why is Kirkman letting this happen?

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